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Mopane, Namibian "Ironwood" (~10kg bags)

Mopane, Namibian "Ironwood" (~10kg bags)


Not all wood is created equal.
Burn smarter & save in the long run.

Use 4x less logs for more heat:
Ironwood saves you money with every log. To achieve the same heat output as one heavy Ironwood log, you need to buy 4x as many kiln-dried oak logs.

0-2% Moisture (DEFRA Approved):
The most common kiln-dried woods contain 12-20% moisture which delays full combustion & creates harmful emissions. Ironwood is dried naturally to 0% moisture by the desert sun. 

As of Feb 2021 DEFRA made the sale of firewood over 20% moisture illegal in the UK, for good reason. Burn better - burn Woodchuck.

Harder = Hotter:
Ironwood is 3x harder than oak, ash or birch wood. The density of wood fibers translates not only to longer burns but much hotter & longer-lasting coals.

Coals & Scent:
Ironwood burns down into extremely hot, long-lasting coals & has a characteristic scent of dry pine needles, great for smokers, BBQs and Braais.


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