All your burning questions answered. (FAQs)


Where do you deliver?

Anywhere in the UK 🇬🇧


Delivery costs:

  • 2-5 Bags - £5 Delivery
  • 10 - 50 Bags - £10 Delivery
  • 100 Bags (Full Pallet) - FREE Delivery


How long does delivery take?

Standard deliveries take 2-3 days.

If your order has not arrived 4 days after you placed it please check the tracking link sent to you via email


How do I track my delivery?

3 ways you can track your order:

  1. Log into your account and you'll find a tracking URL in the order info (Will appear +- 24hrs after ordering)
  2. In the order confirmation email we sent you, tap the "View your order" button. You'll see a tracking number/ URL there (Tracking is assigned +- 24hrs after ordering)
  3. Use our online chat to simply enter your order number and email.

Which types of firewood do you sell?

We sell one type of firewood, for a good reason. Mopane hardwood is just better than any other wood we've used and is extremely versatile.

When it comes to wood for cooking or heating, Mopane AKA the "Ironwood tree" is the gold standard. It's the most incredibly dense, hard & bone-dry firewood that we sustainably grow & season in the dry heat of the Namibian desert.

The 0% club: Mopane is known to be some of the driest wood in the world with a moisture content of between 0-2% in most cases. 

• HOTTER: Mopane produces more heat than regular firewood due to its distinctive lack of moisture and hardness.

• LONGER: Because our wood is so dense it not only burns hotter, but produces longer lasting coals to cook on. Your coals may even be warm in the morning.

• CLEANER: It’s just science, less moisture means your wood doesn’t “boil” and smoke you out.

Perfect for: Open fire cooking such as BBQ/ Braais, Pizza ovens as well as in log-burners for heat.


What is the average length of your firewood logs?

We've made sure we cut our wood to fit 99% of log-burners. Each log should be around 20cm long.

Is your firewood kiln dried?

Our hardwood is naturally seasoned to 0% moisture in the blazing heat of the Namibian desert sun. This method produces much drier logs and avoids wasting unnecessary energy on kiln drying.

What is the average moisture content of the firewood?

Welcome to the 0% club: Mopane is one of the heaviest woods in Africa, weighing in at more than 1 ton per cubic meter with a moisture content of between 0-2% (compared to +- 12% in other hardwoods). This makes it hands down the best wood for cooking and heating.

Is your firewood safe to store inside?

Yip! Mopane wood, often carved into sculptures not only burns better but looks beautiful too. And because it's so dense no bugs can burrow into it as they would do in softer woods, so it's perfect to store indoors.

Do you do bulk orders?

When you add 100 Bags (Full Pallet) to your cart you can increase the amount of pallets you want to order in your cart before you pay. Add wood to cart here

If you have a special request like reoccuring orders please drop us a message here.

Do you offer wood subscriptions for a discounted price?

Yes. Let us know how much firewood you need per month or bi-monthly with a quick message here. and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.