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4 reasons cooking on wood is better

  • 01 Longer Lasting

    We've all had those moments when the coals die out before we've cooked all our food. It's not fun.

    Known as the "Ironwood tree", Mopane is one of the heaviest woods in Africa, weighing in at more than 1 ton per cubic metre. It's unrivaled density means it produces coals that last long into the night (and even the morning).

  • 02 Burns Hotter

    With a moisture content of 0-2% (compared to 12-20% in other hardwoods) Mopane burns hotter, sometimes even producing a blue flame characteristic of efficient combustion. Stop wasting your money boiling overpriced wet wood.

  • 03 Burns Cleaner

    When your wood has lots of moisture, it can't fully combust. Rather, it uses all it's energy to evaporate all the sap and water. This results in excess smoke that can be harmful to the environment and generally not a great experience if you have an open fire.

    Woodchuck's Ironwood is much friendlier to our planet and wont smoke out your next Braai or BBQ.

  • 04 Free Pallet Delivery

    Order 100 bags or more and get your wood delivered absolutely free. Buying in bulk also works out cheaper per bag so if you're looking to save even more money on premium firewood consider filling up your wood store with one order.