Storing your firewood

Storing your firewood

As a self-proclaimed hardwood aficionado 🎩🪵 , I often get asked how I store my firewood. The answer is simple: it's all about keeping the firewood dry and protected from the elements. Here are a few pointers from ol' uncle Chuck.


1. Choose the Right Location

When selecting a location to store firewood, it's important to choose a spot that is dry and well-ventilated. This will help to prevent moisture from building up. Try a spot that's off the ground to prevent it from getting damp. If you store your wood outside look for your sunniest spot rather than a north-facing side-ally.


2. Keep It Covered

One of the biggest culprits of firewood decay in the UK is exposed to rain, so it's important to keep the firewood covered. You can use a tarp or a specially designed firewood shelter (Amazon has a few that would work like this one) to protect it from rain and snow. Make sure you still have adequate ventilation holes or slats though.


3. Stacking

Woodchuck's wood is already bone-dry, so you can stack our wood flat. However, if you are dealing with freshly cut or unseasoned wood it's important to store it in a way that allows air to circulate the logs. A good way to do this is to stack the firewood in a criss-cross pattern with small gaps in between the logs. You can also lean the firewood against a wall, but make sure that the bottom of the stack is raised off the ground to prevent dampness.


4. Keep It Dry

A no-brainer but - once it's dry, keep it dry. Moisture is the enemy of dry wood, and it can cause the logs to rot and become unsalvageable. When you buy any of Woodchuck's wood you can be assured it's already dry enough to safely store inside. Perhaps next to your beautiful log burner so you can boast about how your Namibian Ironwood is the heaviest wood in Africa and definitely the hardest in town.


5. Off the Ground

If outside, firewood should never be stored directly on the ground. The best way to store firewood outside is in a wood store or shed. But if you don't have one of those simply leave it on the pallet we deliver it on, or any raised surface to keep it off the ground. This will prevent moisture from seeping into the logs and keep them ready to burn when you are.


Keep on burning,


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